Fantasy Point System

Rules - Winning Distribution & Winning Amount

Winning Distribution is decided on the basis of total Points scored by a User.

If multiple users score the same number of Points, the rank obtained by these

users is also the same. 

For e.g. If two users obtained maximum and equal points at the end of the contest,

total winnings will be (Winnings of Rank 1+ Winnings of Rank 2).

The winning amount will then be divided equally between both of these users

Winning Amount of User1 (Rank1): (Winnings of Rank 1+ Winnings of Rank 2)/2

Winning Amount of User 2 (Rank1): (Winnings of Rank 1+ Winnings of Rank 2)/2

The next highest scorer's actual Rank will be 3. Winning distribution will also be 

determined by user's actual rank.