About Us - Powerplay

Relive the cricket Mania! Create your own Team at Powerplay and take up the battle head to head!

Relive the Spirit of Sports and Win BIG!

Ever felt the pangs of boredom while only watching the Game? We share the pain!

What if we could tell you that you could have a team of your choice, and battle contests against your friends & Win Money Too!!

With Powerplay, you can do all the above!

Don't just be an Observer, Be the Part of the Game!

Show off that Sports Gyaan and live the Game


Our Captain - Arpit Shukla

A Die Hard Cricket Fan at heart, Arpit Shukla has always had a Dream of creating that Unique Experience for the millions of Sports Fans who live to be a part of the Game!

Knowing the constraints of Existing Sports Fantasy Platforms, Arpit endeavored to  solve the existing challenge in a more user friendly way. 

Arpit has an Undergraduate Degree in CS from KIET, Ghaziabad and has undertaken engineering positions at Snapdeal.

Manisha Singh - Product

Our Sailor - Manisha Singh

Manisha has always had a deep passion for building Products which would impact the masses. 

Realizing that millions of people in India live and breathe cricket, it made sense to her to make this experience seamless and more engaging for users, while solving existing pain points.

Manisha has an Undergraduate degree in EE from KAIST, South Korea after which she went on to work with OLA with its Shuttle Product